Bright Sparks with Alan Bates

Dawn Breaks podcast

APR. 02, 2021

Key words: loss, loss of a child, faith, grief, making sense, marriage, men's mental health, pain to purpose, personal development, support

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My name is Alan Bates, I'm 48 and the lowest point of my life was the death of my daughter in January 2014. She was just 13 years old. Rhiannon died from a very rare genetic disease called Batten's Disease and even though we knew it was incurable, her death devastated my wife and I. It took 2 and a half years before I was able to return to work and another 2 and a half years after that before I stopped existing and started living again. When I started living again, I gave up my full-time job and started my own company, Dragonfly Leadership. Using the 25 years of management experience I have, combined with the life lessons Rhiannon taught me, I promote the importance of leading with the benefit of all staff in mind through 1 2 1 coaching and training. Together my wife, Shauna and I, host the Beyond Circumstance podcast which shares Rhiannon's story and lessons we learnt through her life to enable people to understand that they can overcome anything in their life that they feel is holding them back.

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