It's My Choice with Anh Tuan Duong Van

Dawn Breaks podcast

OCT. 15, 2021

Key words: Grief, loss, purpose, freedom, happiness, positivity, support, experience

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Instagram: @dv_anton

“All that matters is that you can be free to live your life the way you sincerely feel it…”

I’m Anh Tuan – Anton. I’m 36. I‘m originally from France. I lived in London for a decade, moved to Vietnam and I currently live and work as an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand.

From my friends and colleagues’ own words, I am “enthusiastic, hilarious, generous with time, someone who does not give up on you…” This strikes me right to the core because I know how difficult it was for me to be defined by these words and not by what I went through in my life.

I’m not perfect and nothing in my life is but I’d like everyone to see life through my eyes just for one second because today I can say it loud and clear: I am happy!

Connect with Any Tuan:
Instagram: @dv_anton

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