Making Connections with Laura Way

Dawn Breaks podcast

APR. 09, 2021

Key words: Topical steroid withdrawal, physical health, mental health, community, family, support network, music, healing, pain to purpose, skin health

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"I’m Laura, the founder of Votch, I launched Votch after suffering a debilitating condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal, an excruciating condition that saw me lose my skin. I spent many hours in the bath, up to 20+ a day at times just to feel relief, and this went on for months on end. During my recovery, I spent a lot of time watching documentaries, including learning facts about the leather industry that truly shocked and saddened me. Having felt the pain of losing my own skin, I vowed to never wear the skin of another being again. When I recovered, and an old watch strap broke and finding a cruelty free replacement proved nigh impossible, the idea for Votch was born! A cruelty free watch company that gives back."

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