New ways of thinking with Jude Daunt

Dawn Breaks podcast

SEP. 10, 2021

Key words: Anxiety, grief, loss, bereavement, subconscious, limiting beliefs, life coaching, life changing, pivotal moments, resilience, change

Connect with Jude:
IG: @judedauntcoaching
FB: @judedauntlc

In Jude's words:

"My mission is to support individuals to gain control of their mental health, smash the barriers they’ve put on themselves and live a life they truly love. As someone effected by negative mental health but came out the other side and being close to those that didn’t i want to share everything ive learned around sustaining an unbreakable mindset."

Connect with Jude:
IG: @judedauntcoaching
FB: @judedauntlc

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