Nourishing your Mind with Rachel Philpotts

Dawn Breaks podcast

MAR. 12, 2021

Key words: nutrition, new learning, burnout, career ladder, career progression, mental health,

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Rachel Emma Philpotts MSc mBANT rCNHC, mIFM

Rachel’s career-girl lifestyle caught up with her in her 30’s and left her a shadow of her former self. She was oblivious to the impact that her diet and stress-levels were having on her mental health. It took total burnout to make her realise something had to change.

After undertaking functional testing and making some simple nutrition and lifestyle changes, the dark clouds lifted and she was able to regain her health. Now, as a registered nutritionist, mental health expert and the founder of re:Nutrition, Rachel helps 'tired and wired' career women to improve their mood naturally and feel revitalised, reenergised and restored.

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Connect with Rachel:
Or search You Tube “re:Nutrition”

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