Parenting the Inner Child with Nicki Malcolm

Dawn Breaks podcast

JUN. 11, 2021

Key words: Loss, grief, divorce, finding self, victim, empowering, family, support, friends

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In Nicki's words: "I think it's really important to integrate the experiences we have been through as being part of us, but not controlling us. We can do this by nurturing, looking after yourself and learning to move forward with tiny steps, then life starts to change and we begin to see hope and a new way of being."

"My mental health suffered around 2002/3 when my ex-husband left me with our 2 young girls. He had been leading a double life for around 2 years. Looking back things started to change after my second daughter was around 3 months old.
I suffered with all the emotions of not feeling good enough, unattractive, why me, had to seek love and acceptance (in the wrong way) and loads more. I didn’t eat, lost so much weight, was sick every morning when I was reminded of my new life that I didn’t chose. My eldest daughter used to rub my back for me knowing her mum was hurting. My girls gave me the fight I had to change my life. Through having a blended family, it has taught me so much about myself and my insecurities that I held onto from a young age that made my story.

Through this process I was reminded that I was brought into this world to make a difference, I wasn’t sure in what or how, but knew I didn’t want to go through life and not make an impact.
My ex leaving was the start of my journey into becoming a therapist and getting to know myself. I am now married again with a husband that helped me and gave me space to find myself.
I’m an Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist and a Therapeutic Mindfulness Trainer. I help individuals to understand there is hope and life after experiencing challenging times. I use various creative mediums to allow the unconscious process to become conscious."

Connect with Nicki:
Mindset Wellbeing Hub
Blossoming Connections

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