Redirecting the Love with Danielle Blanchette

Dawn Breaks podcast

AUG. 06, 2021

Key words: Grief, loss, experience, love, compassion, therapy, creativity, learning, redirection, hope, life

Connect with Danielle:

Danielle is a marketing & content creation specialist that lives in Montana, USA, with her husband Ryan, her dog Maggie & cat Miles. You can find her podcast Can't Stop Learning wherever you get your podcasts, and follow her on Instagram @cantstoppod.

Reflecting on the recording, Danielle says:
"I didn't mention any of the names of the people I have lost. I did that on purpose as I wanted to be speaking for myself and my own experiences and something didn't feel right about sharing their stories and identifying them in a way that connects back to their families on a public show. While I didn't mention their names on the show for privacy, I say their names out loud to myself & write them to others regularly. I truly feel that saying their names is a way of staying close to the energy and the love."

Connect with Danielle:

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