Roots of Self Worth with Kerry Thompson

Dawn Breaks podcast:

JUN. 18, 2021

Key words: Relationships, abuse, emotional abuse, friendship, work, self worth, strength, development, growth.

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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter = @AkenoLtd

Kerry is a pioneer who welcomes a challenge. She is Founder of Akeno, an international business consultancy, based in the UK, which focuses on business transformation in industries such as automotive, retail & warehousing, and Local Government.

From high profile projects that require the structure and rigour of her programme and project management capabilities, to exciting innovation and transformation assignments that require stakeholders to become energised and engaged, Kerry is there to inspire, lead and deliver.

Success is achieved thanks to Kerry's positive mindset that engages stakeholders to create a unified project team. Adept at understanding and translating complex and technical matters, as well as presenting to Senior Leaders and Directors, it's the flexibility of Kerry's skills that are so welcomed by clients.

Kerry has now taken on a new challenge, and, in 2020, launched 'Akeno Adventure', an international coaching and mentoring programme designed to support people to transform their career, under-pinned by the value of self-worth. Self-worth is especially critical during times of transition and change; it really is an adventure! She has supported a range of people including women in business (particularly those who may be struggling in a male dominated environment), people who wish to transition from permanent employment to contracting and consultancy, and those who simply wish to work smarter, not harder. The aim is to enable her clients to maximise their potential, to get fulfilment from their work, and ultimately, to be happy. After all, we all spend far too much time at work to be anything other than happy! Kerry's approach is one of authentic support and practical advice and guidance in order to achieve tangible outcomes.

Connect with Kerry:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter = @AkenoLtd

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