Shoulder to Shoulder with Emma Sithole

Dawn Breaks podcast

FEB. 12, 2021

Key words: Mental health, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Hope, Journalling

Connect with Emma:

Emma is a wife and mother to two delightful children. She also has a story to tell...
In 2007 she suffered a breakdown and lost all hope. Still on her recovery journey, Emma now tries to share what she has learned along the way to inspire others to discover, grow and maintain hope.

Emma has now founded and runs The Recovery Foundation:

"The Recovery Foundation® came about from my own journey through mental illness. In 2007 I was diagnosed with Schizo-Affective Disorder and needed several hospital stays before I was able to be treated at home. Not only was I very unwell, but I was also hopeless. Life became about surviving from one day to the next.
Now, over 10 years on, things are very different. I am no longer on a cocktail of medication and no longer am I held in chains by my mental illness. I am recovering.
My key to all this?
A seed of an idea began to grow; if I was able to find hope and use it to grow my recovery, maybe others could too? Maybe all that was needed was a way to help grow it?
After lots of research and interviewing professionals and individuals from different communities and cultural groups, it became clear that there are very few resources available for you and me supporting our recovery.
Everyone is different. But to get started, we all need hope and so The Recovery Foundation® has been developed to help grow hope wherever you are in your recovery journey, and whatever your diagnosis.
I have a team of trustees and volunteers who together provide the know-how and support to make this possible. Our aim is simple; to offer practical, useful and inclusive materials that are both beautiful to look at and quality in content.
Please click on the links at the top of the page for more information on the products we offer.
My hope is that The Recovery Foundation® can help you have hope on your journey,
Best Wishes

Emma Sithole"

(taken from The Recovery Foundation website [] on 10.02.2021)

Connect with Emma:

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