Vulnerability is Badass with Jessica Mclaren

Dawn Breaks podcast

SEP. 17, 2021

Key words: Transformation, coaching, space, vulnerability, marriage, science, quantum field, law of attraction, emotions

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In Jess' words:

"My Name is Jess, and I am co-founder of Next Level Life.

I am a quantum coach and speaker and I am the evidence that trading expectational actions is how extraordinary results are created. As well as being guided by intuition and the universal laws of consciousness, I go a step further to support you to step into your Next Level Life by grounding everything I teach you within neuroscience and quantum physics.

I'm also a single mum to two amazing children, Rikki and Summer, who are learning everyday that extraordinary lives certainly don't look like what we are shown on TV, in fact - they are so much more than we can ever imagine is within our grasp, and creating them can be chaotic but also so much fun!

One thing I know for sure - is if I can create our Next Level of Life then so can you, all that's holding you back is your decision to go for it!"

Connect with Jess:

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